About Us

Aveksha is a Multi Specialty Hospital with 125 beds. It has 5 operation theatres, 12 bedded Intensive Care Unit, 6-bedded cardiac Intensive Care Unit, 10-bedded Neo natal Intensive Care Unit, 13 dialysis beds and 4 suites. It has 16 consultations rooms, Radiology department (x rays, ultrasound R I, C T), and Laboratory, Pharmacy and Blood store. We have three clean air theatres which can undertake major orthopedic and   spinal surgeries like total joint   replacements, major multiple fracture fixations, spinal  fusions  and  invasive  spinal  surgeries. We can also undertake organ transplant surgeries except cardiac surgeries. Since the partner is a well-known practicing specialist in Dubai, UAE there will be medical tourism in the hospital. The close proximity to the International Airport and major arterial road connectivity to the hospital is an added factor. There will be a panel of visiting consultants to the hospital from overseas.