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Aveksha @ Home

Aveksha @ Home

For majority of us, the idea of spending long hours at a clinic/lab is demotivating. In addition, today’s sluggish traffic makes the idea of a hospital visit dreadful. Did you know, travel-related stress can also increase the risk of infection and delay recovery? At Aveksha Hospital, we’re of the firm belief that health is of apex priority. We do not want you to compromise on your health due to the above mentioned deterrents. Hence, to ensure that high-quality healthcare becomes more accessible to the community, we have extended our services to ‘Home Sample Collection’.

As the name suggests, Home Sample Collection is a service wherein representatives of Aveksha
— healthcare specialists and trained technicians
— will conduct examinations and collect samples at one’s doorstep.
Home Sample Collection is especially beneficial for the elderly, chronically ill patients, patients recovering post surgery, and the bedridden. They can benefit from the services of well-trained and qualified healthcare providers at the comfort of their homes.


Some common tests conducted at home include: complete blood picture, blood sugar levels, HbA1C levels, Prothrombin time and INR, liver function tests, kidney function tests, thyroid function tests, cardiac markers, arterial blood gases, serum electrolytes, and Urinalysis. The test results will be sent the very next day, either by email or post.

To get the best of healthcare at the comfort of your home, just reach out to our team through a simple phone call. You can save the effort of going to a clinic/lab by opting for Home Sample Collection.


The ambulance service offered by our ‘Emergency Department’ is one of the most sophisticated in Bangalore. Our ambulance is a moving ICU, fully equipped with all intensive care facilities such as: ventilators, trauma kits, and even facilities for neonatal transport and care.

A GPS system is fitted in all ambulances, to track their location and direct them appropriately. The team of trained doctors and paramedics on board ensure a medically safe journey for the patient.

We offer free pick up within a radius of 5 km

Contact no: +91 80 6759 0009

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