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RS 299/- ONLY*

RS 299/- ONLY*

What is Aveksha Svastha?

A comprehensive healthcare plan in the form of an easy-to-use card that gives you free consultations, discounts, benefits and more! Now you can prioritize your family’s health without draining your savings. With Aveksha Svastha, you get year-round benefits including four free consultations with the best physicians and pediatricians in Bengaluru. Normally, one consultation may cost you around Rs 350/-, but the new Aveksha plan benefits you with four for just Rs 299/-. Aveksha Svastha aims to provide affordable consultations to people who cannot afford insurance.

Why should I register for Aveksha Svastha?

Healthcare can sometimes become very expensive. Even if they are simple consultations or basic tests, the fees can add up in a year. Aveksha Hospital offers a more affordable option. By simply paying Rs. 299/- upfront and you will receive year-long benefits including: 

Upto 4 free consultations in a year*

Only Rs 299/- for one-time registration, valid for a year

10% discount on medicines and other pharmacy purchases

10% discount on lab services and radiology

20% discount on cross references in other specialities

10% discount on all medical facilities in the hospital

10% discount on home services

A feasible plan for you and your family

How Long Can I Use My Aveksha Svastha Card?

The Aveksha Svastha plan is valid for one year from the date of your registration. You can renew your card at the end of the year. You can avail of this offer at the hospital and receive your registration card.

Visit us

Aveksha Hospital has state-of-the-art facilities and the best and most experienced healthcare experts in Bangalore, Karnataka. Aveksha Hospital aims to provide a patient-centric approach with affordable care to our patients. We offer 24/7 services for emergency care, home care service, trauma care, dialysis care, pharmacy, and more. Book your appointment with the various specialties and specialists available. And to avail yourself of this plan, visit the hospital today. For any queries, reach out through WhatsApp at 6366753019 or by phone at (91) 080-472-77770.


*Consultations valid for only General Physicians and Paediatricians

*4 consultations or follow-ups at just Rs 299 per person

*Card is non-transferable

*Cards can only be used for one person.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Svastha Card valid?

Svastha card is valid for a year from the date of registration. You can avail 4 free consultations within this time.

What is cross consultation?

When the General Physician or Paediatrician refers you to any other speciality doctor, this is called cross consultation. With the Aveksha Svastha card, you can avail 10% discount on cross consultation.

Which all doctors can I consult under Svastha scheme?

Consultations valid for only General Physicians and Paediatricians

I have taken the Svastha Card, can my wife use the card for her consultation?

No, the card is not transferable. One Svastha card can be used by that person only.

Sweet Words From Our Svastha Card Holders

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying About Svastha Card Scheme

Highly recommend

I am really impressed with the Svastha Card by Aveksha Hospital. It is so feasible, convenient and affordable. One time registration for Svastha Card has me insured for 4 consultations in a year. Also I get discount on Lab, Pharmacy and other medical facilities. Way to go Aveksha Hospital! Making healthcare affordable!

Ravish Kumar

December 7, 2022

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