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An ENT doctor (ear, nose, and throat doctor) specializes in issues and conditions related to the body’s ear, nose, and throat. They are also known as otolaryngologists. ENT is a medical speciality that focuses on disorders affecting the ear, nose, and throat. ENT specialities include Head and Neck (otology or neurotology), Nose (rhinology), Throat (laryngology), Head and Neck (Thyroid), Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and Pediatrics.

At the department of ENT at Aveksha hospital, we deal with the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses or abnormalities affecting the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) region of the body, which also includes the head and neck issues.

We take extra care to provide the painless treatments possible by utilizing the most advanced medical technology equipment available for ENT procedures with the help of experts doctors in the field. The Department of ENT  is well-equipped with cutting-edge therapeutic and diagnostic equipment. ENT experts have the prominent experience and necessary resources to deliver comprehensive care.

Common ENT Problems

Otology – Ear Problems

For the management of your hearing issues, we offer medical and surgical solutions. Ear issues are extremely prevalent. Hearing loss is becoming more common as a result of modern lifestyles and greater exposure to high-intensity sounds. Regardless of age or other considerations, our experts assess the needs of our patients with precision, provide the appropriate diagnosis, and recommend the appropriate rehabilitative and support services. We use cutting-edge technology to keep you connected to the sounds of the world.

Common ailments: 

Age-related hearing lossEar painEar blockage
TraumaPerforation of the eardrumSudden onset hearing loss:
Discharging earFacial paralysisChildren with recurrent ear pain

Our Facilities:

Intra-tympanic injectionsHearing aidsLobule repair
Wax removalLaser-assisted ear surgeryEndoscopic ear surgery:
Ear EndoscopyHearing testingImpedance testing
SISIGrommet insertionMyringotomy

Rhinology – Nose problems

We provide the best medical and surgical management of all nose and sinus disorders in the ENT department. Nasal polyps and blockage are examples of nasal conditions. Medical (non-surgical) therapies, as well as surgical solutions, are available to alleviate all symptoms and provide the best possible care.

Blocked noseRunning noseNasal bleed
Deviated noseNo nasal painExcessive tearing from the eyes
Nasal piercingNasal Trauma and Fractures 

Our facilities:

Management of Allergic RhinitisNasal endoscopyLaser Nasal Surgery
SeptoplastyTurbinate surgeriesNasal fracture correction
CSF leak repairPolyp surgeriesFESS
Endoscopic tear duct (lacrimal duct) surgeryNasal septum repairChoanal atresia repair

Laryngology –  Throat Problems

We provide a cutting-edge diagnosis for all voice, swallowing, and throat issues. At our centre, we use the most up-to-date laser technology and endoscopes to diagnose and treat various throat and airway disorders. We offer operations to help with voice and swallowing problems. We have treatments for vocal cord palsy, spasmodic dysphonia, sub-glottic and tracheal stenosis, benign and malignant laryngeal lesions, and foreign substances in the airway.

Common ailments:

Throat painChange in voiceDifficulty in breathing
Laboured breathing in newborns and childrenThyroid enlargement 

Our facilities:

Rigid and flexible laryngoscopyTransoral laser surgeryMicro laryngeal surgery
ThyroplastyPhonosurgeryFat augmentation of vocal cords
ThyroidectomySwallowing evaluation and managementBotox Injections


ENT Treatment at Aveksha

To deliver high-quality healthcare at an accessible price in a healthy, patient-friendly environment, with the goal of being the best in the field. The safety of our patients is our first priority at our facility. Our clinics are kept to the greatest sterility and cleanliness standards. We have all of the necessary equipment, including cutting-edge laser technology and high-end endoscopic systems, to give the greatest level of care. 

At Aveksha Hospital, we are dedicated to providing the best facilities in one location for you and our patients. We are here to ensure your well-being. Make an appointment with an ENT specialist today. If you have any questions or to make an appointment. Call now at Call 08047277770

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