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Best Paediatric Hospital in Bangalore

Dr. Sucharitha S

Speciality : Paediatrics

Dr. Somashekar Chikkanna Paediatrician

Dr. Somashekhar Chikkanna

Speciality : Paediatrics

Paediatrics (also referred to as paediatrics) is a medical speciality that focuses on the medical care of newborns, children, and adolescents up to 18. Paediatric care also starts before birth and lasts the entire pregnancy. A paediatrician can assist in the diagnosis of any medical condition that affects children.

The department of paediatrics consists of top-care specialities for newborns to adolescents with experienced and expert doctors who are the best in their field. At Aveksha Hospital, the department of Paediatrics covers all phases of children’s health and sickness. They play a significant role in children’s therapeutic, preventive, social, and cognitive care. Through the coordinated efforts of its staff, this institution provided the best available care and facilities for children.


Our top medical specialities and paediatricians in Bangalore collaborate to work together to prevent and cure any severe childhood disease or disorder, ensuring the best health outcomes for the children. Our goal is to provide your child with intensive care and a stress-free journey for you as a parent.

Best Paediatric Doctor Services and Facilities

At world-class facilities with the best multi-speciality hospital in Bangalore, Aveksha’s top child specialist provides and assures that your child will receive the best medical care possible. Our Department of Paediatrics follows international protocols and standards to cover the full range of healthcare treatments for children of all ages. We have a complete set of special intensive care units for paediatrics and newborns with critical and difficult situations. Our medical services at the Department of Paediatrics provide medical services for issues such as:

Adolescent Medicine

Adolescent Weight Loss


Allergy and Immunology


Endocrine conditions

Behavioral Health

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Complex Care

Critical Care

Palliative Care

Paediatric Intensive Care

Physical Therapy

Osteoporosis, fractures, or bone disorders 

Paediatric Surgery

Common Paediatric Problems & Conditions

Our objective is to improve the quality of life for both the child and the family by providing the best medical care possible and assisting children with various special needs, including cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, brain or spinal injuries, and several other congenital problems. 

We prioritise children’s health in all conditions, including neurological and genetic problems, severe heart and lung conditions, cancer, preterm birth, and other serious medical conditions that impact children’s health. Some other common issues that require assessment by a child specialist are:

  • Infancy: biological and psychological problems

 Feeding, crying, and settling issues are common in babies, as are poor sleep patterns, vomiting, and diarrhoea. The most common underlying causes are gastroesophageal reflux, milk allergy, and lactose intolerance. Children go through common conditions like abdominal pain, ear problems, digestive issues, coughing, pink eye, conjunctivitis, etc.

  • Asthma or allergies

Coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing are all common in young children. Food allergies, eczema, asthma, and allergic rhinitis must all be addressed.

  • Seizures or epilepsy

Some newborns and children experience unusual movements, collapse, and possible loss of consciousness.

  • Constipation

Chronic constipation can occur in infants and young children who do not respond to dietary fibre supplements.

Best Paediatric Treatment Unit

Infancy to adolescence is a crucial year of developmental changes in a child’s life. Our team of exceptional doctors, surgeons, nurses, and healthcare professionals strives to build a better world for all children with good health and well-being. The Department of Paediatrics is a special medical care department designed for children suffering from serious illnesses to provide relief from the symptoms and cure severe illnesses.

At Aveksha Hospital, we have advanced care facilities as well as expert child specialists and doctors available on call 24 hours a day. To ensure that your child meets developmental milestones in growth, behaviour, and skills, consult with top child specialists in Bangalore. For any health queries or to meet our doctor for a regular examination, book your appointment now!

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