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Medical care for patients having life-threatening injuries or illnesses is known as “critical care.” A Critical Care Unit, also referred to as an intensive care unit (ICU) or intensive therapy unit (ITU), is a special section of a hospital or health care facility that specializes in intensive care medicine.

The critical care unit at Aveksha Hospital is staffed with carefully trained doctors, surgeons, specialists, and nurse practitioners. The doctors and other support staff have received extensive training at prestigious medical institutions and have expert knowledge in dealing with a wide range of severe medical issues and conditions. A team of expert health care providers is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have advanced monitoring facilities and technology to provide the best treatment possible to our patients.

Critical Care Services & Facilities

The critical care unit supports and facilitates therapy for severe patients who need life support systems during their recovery. It provides round-the-clock support of doctors’ supervision and advanced technology and equipment to save lives. With advanced technology and digital facilitation with Cloud -physician- a seamless care management for our patients. We have high-precision monitoring devices, innovative equipment, strict infection control protocols, and a team of highly specialized experts for critical care, trauma care and emergency care experts available round the clock.

  • The expertise of doctors, surgical intensivists, and respiratory therapists equipped to handle all kinds of medical eventualities
  • Highly trained anesthesiologists and nursing staff to provide safe, consistent, and continuous preoperative care
  • Advanced monitoring technologies

Common Conditions

We at Critical care unit provide treatment with patient centric care for various conditions such as:

Respiratory (Lung) Failure

Traumatic Brain Injury



Acute respiratory failure

Cardiogenic shock


Drug overdose

Cancer-related Intensive Care

Heart failure


Cerebral edema

Ruptured Brain Aneurysm

Septic shock

Acute liver failure

Influenza (flu)

Intracranial hemorrhage

Heart failure

Congenital metabolic disorder

Cardiogenic shock

Pulmonary embolism


Acute kidney injury

Multiple organ failure

ICU Treatment at Aveksha

At Aveksha, we make sure to provide full commitment to patients until their physical functions are restored. The patients are given advanced clinical care with skilled medical and nursing treatment as well as monitoring facilities. All of the resources of a full-service state ICU are available to cope with any unexpected complications that may arise for a patient.

  • Provide health enhancements
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Feelings of at-home care
  • Reduced health-care costs
  • Transfer of a limited number of facilities
  • Transparency and accountability

Reach out to the team at Aveksha Hospital to receive world-class care and facilities at an affordable price. Call now to consult at Aveksha Hospital , If you face any issues or have difficulties, contact our team to consult at one of the best critical care/ICU facilities in Bangalore. For any questions or to schedule an appointment, call 08047277770.

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