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Best General Surgery Hospital in Bangalore

Dr. Raghunandan K S

Speciality : General & Gastrointestinal Surgery

Dr Nayan Chandrashekar General Surgeon Vidyaranyapura Yelahanka

Dr. Nayan Chandrashekar

Speciality : General Surgery

General surgery deals with the surgical treatment of various disorders, illnesses, or diseases. A general surgeon helps to deal with issues related to the organs of the abdomen; the small intestine; stomach; oesophagus; large intestine; appendix; gallbladder; liver; bile ducts; pancreas; and thyroid gland. Surgeons also deal with diseases of the skin, soft tissues, breasts, trauma, hernias, and peripheral artery diseases.

 At Aveksha Hospital, we provide well-experienced field experts at our unit for general surgery in Bangalore with advanced facilities to perform minimal to severe surgical procedures with patient-centric care and safety as a priority. We have a team of qualified doctors and surgeons working together to provide accurate diagnosis, treatment, and pre and post-operative care for surgical procedures . The Department of General Surgery provides surgical treatment, along with endoscopic procedures such as colonoscopy and gastroscopy, for various diseases that require operational care. Aveksha Hospital have modern facilities to guarantee a high rate of surgical success.

General Surgeons Services and Facilities

The general surgery department has highly skilled and competent surgeons with years of experience and the best team of allied healthcare staff members. The team collaborates with various departments to provide patients with stress-free and wholesome treatment for all their issues. The department provides both minimal and general invasive surgical procedures in a well-equipped setup and facilities.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Hiatus Hernia RepairIncisional Hernia Surgery
Laparoscopic AppendicectomyPiles Treatment 
Laparoscopic CholecystectomyPiles Surgery 
Laser Fissure Laser Fistula Treatment 
Anal Fissure SurgeryHemorrhoids Treatment 
Colorectal SurgeryHydrocele Treatment 
Circumcision Fistula Surgery
Varicose Veins Treatment Mini Port Surgeries
Minor SurgeryGallbladder (Biliary) Stone Treatment

The surgeon will specify a time period during which the patient must be under observation based on the type of surgery and the nature of the underlying condition that necessitated the surgery. Our team provides a compassionate and patient-centric approach for pre and post-operative care to provide a seamless experience during their treatment.

Surgical Treatment at Aveksha

The Department of General Surgery at Aveksha Hospital has the most systematic general surgery processes, combining highly qualified surgeons with cutting-edge technology to assure high operative chances of success. Common surgical and operational services include: appendix, hernia, colonoscopy,gallbladder, thyroidectomies, and bariatric surgery. The department also provides efficient treatment for skin, soft-tissue, breast, hernia, and trauma ailments. We have a fully equipped surgical facility at Aveksha Hospital for a spectrum of surgical procedures taking place under the general surgery unit.

Our surgeons make sure to educate and inform their patients about measures and states before and after surgical procedures to provide painless recovery and the best treatment available. Reach out now to consult our general surgeon today at Aveksha Hospital. Call us at 080 472 77770 to book your appointment.

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