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Home care Services at Your Doorstep


We provide medical assistance and individualized treatment delivered in the privacy and comfort of your own home by a team of qualified medical professionals. Our home care services are ideal for those who need assistance in managing their medical conditions and their diagnosis on regular basis such as elderly and critical care patients. We will look after your loved ones as if they were our own with utmost attention and safety.


·       Blood Test

·      Laboratory Test

·       24/7 Ambulance Availability

·       Medical and Diagnoses

·       Quick Assistance

·      24/7 Emergency ward

·       Residential Rehabilitation

·       Nursing and care



Nothing beats the personal comfort of your own home while recovering from an illness. At Aveksha, we provide a variety of home care services that are custom-tailored to your specific requirements. Highly skilled health professionals assist our patients in recovering quickly and becoming as independent as possible in the most comfortable and safe environment possible. We also educate patients and their families on the necessary home care to promote a faster and more full recovery.

At-Home Doctors

Qualified doctors in the comfort of your own home


At-Home Nurse

Compassionate and knowledgeable nursing staff for the care


At Home Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy training for recovery in your comfort


At home Blood Sample Collection

Sample collection and vaccination administration are conducted at home.


At Home Medical Equipments

Looking after your loved ones, in the comfort of your home.

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