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Successful Recovery after Surgery: Overcoming D12 Spinal Vertebra Compression Fracture with Balloon Kyphoplasty at Aveksha Hospital

Neuro Surgery at Aveksha Hospital Bangalore

On 10 November 2023, Rizwana Yasmeen a 48-year-old woman arrived at the Aveksha Hospital’s emergency room as an urgent case, seeking immediate attention after a debilitating fall led to severe lower back pain.

Rizwana faced a daunting challenge after an accidental fall in the kitchen left her grappling with severe lower back pain (LBA), impaired mobility to sit and stand, and difficulty of movement in both lower limbs.

She was crying in pain and fear of never being able to walk

Our dedicated medical team of doctors swiftly assessed the situation. With thorough evaluation and examination through MRI and X-ray. Our Neurosurgeon Dr Prakash Rathod recognized the urgency and initiated prompt measures to address the critical condition.

Recognizing the gravity of her condition, Dr. Prakash Rathod and the medical team under his supervision conducted a thorough diagnosis, revealing D12 spinal vertebra compression fracture.

Undeterred by the situation’s complexity, the dedicated doctor at Aveksha Hospital, Dr Prakash Rathod, one of the best neurosurgeons in Bangalore, recommended a cutting-edge solution – percutaneous D12 balloon kyphoplasty. This minimally invasive procedure involved precision and delicacy as a small balloon was inserted into the compressed vertebra, creating a cavity subsequently filled with bone cement to restore stability.

The intricate nature of balloon kyphoplasty became evident during the procedure, requiring skilled navigation through small incisions to address vertebral compression fractures.

The success of the operation exceeded expectations. Dr Prakash Rathod, the best spine surgeon in Bangalore, liberated the patient from the shackles of pain and restored her ability to engage in daily activities. The patient was able to recover and was able to walk just after 10 days.

Aveksha Hospital’s triumph in this case underscores its commitment to medical excellence and collaborative expertise. The seamless coordination of the hospital’s top-tier doctors played a pivotal role in achieving the remarkable outcome of this complex medical procedure.

Post-surgery, the patient expresses profound gratitude to our doctors at Aveksha Hospital. Free from the burden of pain and fear, she is thankful for the expertise and care provided, acknowledging the transformative impact of the D12 balloon kyphoplasty on her well-being.

Aveksha Hospital ensures comprehensive post-rehabilitation support for patients. Our dedicated team works collaboratively to guide you through a tailored recovery plan, providing physical therapy, pain management strategies, and ongoing medical supervision.

The success story at Aveksha stands as compelling evidence of an advanced medical team done with precision, attentiveness, and commitment toward patients. Their expertise, innovative procedures like D12 balloon kyphoplasty, and commitment to patient care showcase Aveksha’s position at the forefront of medical advancements.

Discover exceptional healthcare at Aveksha Hospital, your premier destination for comprehensive medical services. As a multi-specialty hospital and the best neurosurgeon hospital in Bangalore, we house a skilled team of neurosurgeons, doctors, and other specialists dedicated to offering you the best possible cure.

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