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What Is Causing Ankle Pain While Walking? Causes, Diagnosis, And Treatment

You can have ankle discomfort for various reasons. The pain and discomfort in the area might cause ankle pain while walking fast. Half of your body’s weight is supported by your ankle. As a result, taking good care of it during injury or pain is critical.

Ankle pain can be caused by any injury, medical condition, or wear and tear at the site. This can also result in swelling, stiffness, or difficulty walking.

In this post, we will discuss the types and causes of ankle pain and how a doctor makes a diagnosis and provides treatment.

Types and Causes of Ankle Pain

A sprain, a foot twist, or a roll are the most common causes of ankle pain. A sprain can result from incidents during sport, e.g. foot twisting, wearing the wrong size shoes, and wearing heels.  But other factors can also contribute to ankle pain. The list below includes some typical reasons for pain that you might be experiencing.

  • Ankle sprain
  • Achilles tendonitis (inflammation in the Achilles tendon)
  • Achilles tendon rupture 
  • Avulsion fracture
  • Broken foot.
  • Bursitis (joint inflammation)
  • Gout (excess uric acid)
  • Osteoarthritis (breakdown of joints)
  • Osteochondritis dissecans (deficit of blood flow to one or more ankle bones)
  • Blocked blood vessels
  • Joint Infection

Ankle Pain: Diagnosis

If you are having ankle pain. You might have some symptoms of it, such as unbearable pain, stiffness, weakness, bruises, swelling, redness, inability to put weight on the ankles, etc. Common symptoms aligning with severe causes of knee pain are following 

  • Standing on tiptoes causes pain in the calf, ankle, and heel.
  • Inflammation and swelling 
  • A persistent throbbing pain
  • Ankle at an unnatural angle,
  • Popping or snapping noises during the injury
  • Trouble walking

It is advised to visit the doctor if ankle pain does not reduce after 1-2 weeks

Ankle Pain: Treatment

There are many different treatments for ankle pain, depending on the underlying cause. If the pain is due to a sprain or strain, rest, ice, and elevation are often recommended. For more severe injuries, such as a fracture, surgery may be necessary. Physical therapy can also be beneficial for some people. If the pain is due to arthritis, over-the-counter or prescription medications may be recommended.

It is advised to use the RICE approach for quick at-home treatment of ankle pain. This comprises:

  • Rest. Don’t put any pressure on your ankle. For the first few days, make an effort to move as little as possible. If you need to walk or move, use crutches or a cane.
  • Ice. Start by applying a bag of ice to your ankle for 90 minutes at a time, at least 20 minutes at a time. Three days after the injury, repeat these three to five times every day. This helps numb pain and lessen swelling.
  • Compression. Apply an ACE bandage or another elastic bandage to your swollen ankle. Avoid wrapping it so tightly that your ankle or toes grow blue or numb.
  • Elevation. Keep your ankle elevated by using a stack of pillows or another kind of support.

To reduce pain and swelling, you can use a painkiller. 

Exercise:  Rotate your ankle in circles to gently exercise after the pain is reduced. Rotate both ways, stopping if it starts to ache. Additionally, you can use your hands to gently stretch the ankle up and down. You’ll be able to move more freely again thanks to these exercises, which will also help reduce swelling and speed up healing.

Treatment at Aveksha for Ankle pain

Are you having ankle pain while walking or putting pressure on your ankle area? If the pain does not reduce after applying first aid, you should visit the doctor soon to avoid further complications. 

You can visit our orthopaedic specialist for consultation if you are based in Bangalore or North Bangalore. We are committed to providing our patients with the most affordable and stress-free care. Our hospital is outfitted with the most recent and advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies, such as X-rays and CT scans.

Aveksha Hospital has the best doctors and ankle pain specialists in Bangalore. Call us to get your appointment now with our specialists at 08047277770 or via WhatsApp at 6366753019.

Expert Doctors

Dr. Aditya Ballal is one of the best orthopaedic doctors at Aveksha Hospital, with more than 10 years of expertise in the medical field. He specializes in joint replacement surgeries as well as treating ankle pain. 

Dr. Rakesh Thakur, a well-known physiotherapist with 15 years of experience, also works with Aveksha’s orthopaedic department. He specializes in orthopaedic clinical rehabilitation to support patients’ full recovery seamlessly.  Don’t wait for your long-lasting pain to cause you any more struggle. Visit your doctor today!

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